GOLD DRAGON - Electronic Terminals

Features and Technical Specifications:

  • Multi-Station Gaming System with up to 300 inter-connecting playing stations
  • Automated Single Wheel or Live wheel option or Automated Two Wheel game options available
  • Mystery Jackpot feature available
  • European Software and Roulette Wheel Technology
  • Multiple Languages available
  • Single Zero Roulette wheel available
  • Double Zero Roulette wheel available
  • LCD Touchscreen main monitor installed
  • Bill Validators JCM model or MEI model installed
  • Industrial PC installed
  • Tickets Printers available
  • Player Tracking module available
  • SAS Protocol enabled
  • Payment options available – key in/out, bill validator, ticketing, cashless and hand pay out

Hybrid Multigame System
Automated Roulette System - 8 Electronic Terminals
Automated Roulette System - 16 Electronic Terminals
Automated Roulette System - 2 Automated Wheels System
Automated Roulette System software
Automated Roulette System - 32 Electronic Terminals